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Day of the Bobteds Day of the Bobteds

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Yeah, not that I know Rob Allen...

... but he seems intelligent enough not to have mis-spelt the word "Business" in his Newgrounds username. There are also a few mis-spellings on the front-page of the web-site you have listed. I went to Jayisgames, and it appears that Rob Allen also created a pretty complicated banner puzzle-game for them... which kinda lends itself to making one wonder about the simplicity of the web-site you're touting. Not that I know for sure you aren't him... but then there is also the fact that you haven't replied to any of the comments that claim this may be stolen.

I liked the game. I just hope it is yours.

MisterCarbonBuisness responds:

Eh, missspellings. Bugger them. And the simplicity of the wobsite? come ON, it's been down for ages, it's still being reborn. And I've been away for a while, getting my act together, so that's why I have not responded. It's my game.

ActionScript Tutorial v1 ActionScript Tutorial v1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Fairly weak...

Custom cursor is all over the place... anyone using Flash who doesn't know how to do it or doesn't know how to use Google to go find out how to do it should be ashamed of themselves... as should anyone touting this as an "awesome" topic for a tutorial. The snow is fair, but there are all sorts of particle-type examples out there, and snow really doesn't follow too difficult a pattern to duplicate. A timer is also not something I would consider awesome by any stretch of the imagination. And the only thing even remotely related to Christmas in this was the snow effect... otherwise, I wouldn't think you should have called this "Christmas Actionscript". That's just dumb.

ZiggyZack99 responds:

it's close to christmas